About Your Hosts

About Your Hosts
Meet Tom and Anne, Your Hosts

Anne DeGiorgio

Anne was born and raised in Ventura California,  a true native.  She worked in a heart surgeon’s medical office prior to meeting Tom, some 14 years ago.  At that time, she moved to Monterey and became an extremely successful real estate agent for Keller Williams Agency on the Monterey Peninsula.

Anne eventually left real estate to open a Coffee/Gift Shop (Castle Rock Coffee Café) in the Monterey Area, which is now operated by her daughter Nichole! Castle Rock Coffee Cafe is now rated  “Best Coffee” on the Monterey Peninsula!

Tom Seidel

Tom is originally from San Carlos,  Arizona, later moving to Tucson.  In 1966, Tom moved to California, the Salinas /Monterey area and in 1969 he enlisted in the US Army.   He served from 1969 to 1975 during the Vietnam era.   

After his military career,  Tom became certified as an electrician, and in 1982 opened Seidel Electric.   Seidel Electric still operates today under the supervision of Tom’s youngest son, Chase Seidel.

How we found White Bird Idaho!

Now there’s a story!   Six years ago we came to Idaho looking for a modest piece of land to eventually retire on.   Tom had routinely hunted the Elk City and Red River area for over 30 years and was anxious to show Anne some of the Central Idaho countryside between Riggins and Elk City.

After about a week of searching without success, and getting rather disappointed, we decided to head up to Elk City for a day and then planned to return back to California,  without finding our dream property.   As were driving north on US 95,  Anne suddenly demands we stop and turn around!  We were about five miles south of White Bird on 95.    Confused, but knowing how to keep a woman happy,  I turned around to head back to take a closer look at what had caught Anne’s attention.

Laying flat on the side of the road, was a sign that read, “House For Sale”.   How Anne saw that sign, I’ll never know, but needless to say, we called the number on the sign.   The real estate agent (Shannon Snyder) answered, we made the deal, and the rest is history.

At this time in 2023,  we have owned this stunning Salmon Riverfront property for almost 6 years.  We began building the infrastructure and over the years RiverviewCabinsIdaho.com includes four gorgeous log cabins and a main lodge cabin.   We’ve added the wedding venue, and our newest addition is the Driftwood Stage, where you can come enjoy Live Concerts throughout the spring and summer.   Almost forgot, too, we will be offering MOVIE NIGHT that includes a huge projector screen and fresh popcorn!

Come enjoy a stay in one of our lovely log cabins or the main family sized lodge on this beautiful location right on the Salmon River, or reach out to reserve this venue for an extra special wedding day location.

We know you will be delighted to enjoy all that this stunning Salmon River location has to offer.


Tom & Anne

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